Balanced Bod Lifestyle Academy

An online coaching community to help you Master your nutrition, Achieve your dream body, and LEARN how to maintain it for a lifetime.

Who is this for?

  • Women desperate to take the next step towards loving their bodies.
  • Women who are fully committed to ending the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. 

  • Women who have tried every fad diet in the book and can't get the results  they want and keep them (Beachbody, WW, tea-toxes, crash dieting, etc.)..

  • Women who want to serve their bodies well, regulate their hormones, gain energy, combat bloating or feeling of "heaviness" and sculpt a sexy body they feel confident in.

Is this you? If so..

Lindsay has absolutely changed my life! I went from having no clue whatsoever how to properly fuel my body or workout/lift weights to absolutely changing not only my body composition and outer strength, but my inner strength too. I used to have the most unhealthy relationship with the gym and food. I was so obsessive and couldn't enjoy my life. Lindsay has given my balance and confidence I never thought I would have. I'm so much stronger than I ever thought I could be and I absolutely love going to the gym now and lifting heavy weights, rather than spending hours on end doing mindless cardio, and perpetuating and unhealthy cycle that I was totally stuck in. 

She's always there for me too, as such a strong support. She provides me with such positive feedback and also really challenges me to push myself to new levels.

Seriously, ANYONE would benefit from having Lindsay as a trainer. I like to say she's my "fitness angel". She has honestly changed my life completely and I cannot thank her enough! If you want results, go to Lindsay :)

- Justine M.

Who this is not for

  • Women who want quick fixes

  • Women who want extreme unrealistic results and don't care about their hormonal/overall health

  • Women who are not action takers

  • Women who are fine with complacency


  • If you could look in the mirror and love the body you're in.

  • If you could not let food control you and enjoy going out with friends or engaging in social family gatherings

  • If you could pick up realistic healthy habits, have a structured exercise routine you love, still eat the foods you enjoy, and achieve your dream body?

  • If you didn’t have to question whether what you were doing was working for you, but rather letting the results speak for themselves.

Joshlyns First Week on the program

Lindsay is more than a trainer/fitness coach. She becomes your friend. She helps me with meal plans (even giving me a grocery shopping list full of great items to help me reach my macros), tailors weekly workouts I can actually follow, taught me about macros and how to count them, motivates me throughout the week, and everything in between. I'm a super picky eater and have lingering injuries, but Lindsay has customized my food and fitness plans around them. She not only checks in with you once a week as scheduled, but will text you frequently to see how you're doing and keep you accountable... which is definitely something I needed! Lindsay immediately makes you feel comfortable and informed.

She pushes you, she teaches you, she motivates you, she holds you accountable, and she encourages you.

My way of thinking about health has completely changed thanks to Lindsay. I simply couldn't ask for anything more in a fitness and nutrition coach than what Lindsay has to offer.

I have recommended Lindsay to everyone who listens. Whether you want an online coach, in-person trainer, meal/workout plan designer or just need someone to teach you about nutrition, Lindsay is here for you.


- Rachael L.

This is why I created the Balanced Bod Lifestyle Academy...

To have certainty, love your body, FEEL good and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle...


But don’t just take it from me, let my clients' results speak for themselves!

What's Included!?

  • Lifetime access to weekly educational modules geared to master your mindset, nutrition and physique.

  • Workouts customized for YOUR goals and equipment availability.

  • Food/nutrition regimen + adjustments.

  • Weekly Check-ins (coaching calls/video calls available).

  • Community group support.

  • Group coaching video calls.

  • Educational resources, recipes, books, endless Q&A and support.

***Program rates depend on the accountability you need and the duration needed to accomplish your goals + make them stay!


1:1 coaching is EXTREMELY customizable. Book your coaching call so we can discuss which options would be best for YOU!***

Although I am primarily a women's health and transformation professional...


I DO work with men too!

What can I say. Lindsay is awesome. She's incredibly fit, like super human status. She's motivated and motivating. She really knows her stuff and knows how to put together fun and challenging workouts. I have been working with her for over two years and she's never given up on me despite my tendencies to fall off the wagon.

I always get a great workout. Her prices are reasonable and she is just an all around great person to be around.  I can't recommend her highly enough. 5 billion stars.

- Joe V.

Lindsay is awesome! Don't let her good looks and charming personality fool you-she can be tough as a marine drill Sargent-only nicer!

If you want someone to listen to all your excuses why you can't lose weight or why you got this problem and that problem and blah blah blah...she just might not be the right personal trainer for you!

But, if you want change-real change-she will push you hard and help you accomplish the results that you want!

Grab her now before she gets too popular and you can't afford her

- Mark B

As a guy in his mid-thirties who had never really set foot in a gym with purpose -- and a corresponding body -- the prospect of getting my act together with the help of a personal trainer was just a bit intimidating.

However, Lindsay immediately made me feel comfortable, both with the larger scope of the process and the specific training routines. Although I initially didn't know what she was talking about half the time with regards to the exercises or equipment, Lindsay explained and demonstrated everything without me feeling at all like an idiot.

She impressively navigates the tricky line of being consistently positive and encouraging while also keeping me honest and pushing me to excel. Most importantly, she was able to work with my physical limitations due to previous injury, yet identified what roadblocks were merely in my head, helping me blow right past my conservative goals and getting me into a shape and routine I didn't think was possible for me.

I sincerely can't thank her enough for what she's contributed to my overall well-being and confidence, so hopefully those of you reading this will take the same chance I did and benefit in the same ways.

- Tim B.

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