Meet Lindsay Price!

Creator and Head Coach

Lindsay Price is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, specialist in Sports Nutrition, and Online Fitness Coach who holds a strong and passionate love for living an active and healthy lifestyle. With seventeen years of extensive training in dance, she embraced two years dancing professionally as an NFL Cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. Lindsay competed as a National level Bikini competitor in the NPC for bodybuilding and has held several high placing’s including the title of being a highest overall champion. Lindsay has cherished the opportunities of working as a published Fitness Model in the November 2015 issue of “Oxygen Magazine” and Team Edge’s “Extreme Edge Booty 2” workout DVD. Bringing a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to fitness, she is eager to help motivate and empower her clients to surpass their training goals. 


Lindsay started her fitness journey at the ripe age of 16 after suffering from a poor relationship with food and exercise (Orthorexia Nervosa). She took it upon herself to learn exactly what it would take to achieve her goals with both mind and body. She learned how to develop quality lean muscle mass, strength, and nutrition in order to create a healthy lifestyle. Over this time she had Amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycle), hormone imbalances and gut micro-biome problems. After extensive education, development, and self-treating herself to 100% health, Lindsay now helps women overcome their own obstacles when achieving their fitness endeavors. She is very passionate about women’s health, holistic wellness, hormones, gut health, and how to live a balanced lifestyle while mastering a confident and sexy physique.

“My favorite part about working with women is watching their mindsets flip… Sure body transformations are great, but when everything “clicks” in their heads for the right reasons – that’s when the real magic happens.”


“It’s interesting to see women’s perception of what “fit and healthy” is… If they see a woman with a shredded six pack who is extremely lean and they admire to look like that.. They will NEVER reach fulfillment because that is usually not sustainable nor is it HEALTHY. Body fat can lay in different areas for all women, but if we do not have enough body fat we can risk being infertile, have hormonal imbalances, depression, and/or disease because the body is ultimately in survival mode and shutting down.”


“I know what it feels like to not like the body you are in. I also know what it feels like to be spread thin and not absolutely ‘loving’ your fitness/nutrition regimen. I’m a firm believer in balance, working hard, honoring your body and creating a healthy lifestyle.. NOT a quick fix diet.”

Meet Riley Faldt!

Assistant Coach

 I have been interested in fitness and nutrition as long as I can remember, starting from doing team sports growing up. As a teenager I got sucked into watching fitness influencers on social media. I tried bad diets, I tried endless cardio, I tried it all! When I went to college I became a Nutrition major because I really wanted to learn anatomy, exercise physiology, microbiology and the organic chemistry behind our bodies. In 2019 I graduated from SDSU in Nutrition and left with a whole new understanding and appreciation for the body.


I am lucky to have experienced calorie restriction and overtraining because now I am coming full circle with balanced nutrition and fitness (what a relief). 


After receiving my B.S in Nutrition I went through NASM to receive my Personal Training certification. Since then, I have worked in all avenues of health and have found that I love working with women going through the journey that I once went through.

Meet Kristine Kolzing!

Mindset Coach

Kristine Kolzing is a transformational mindset expert and master success coach who guides women in health and wellbeing to step into their most powerful selves so that they can thrive in business and in life. Furthermore, she guides anyone who wants more out of life to expand their thinking, align with their most powerful self, and design a life they love so they can thrive.


 I'll show you how to discover and release all the limitations that are holding you back as my goal is to help you see what an amazing person you already are so that you can live the life you were meant to live!


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Meet Jenna Prince!

Breathwork Meditation and Mindset Coach

I help people tap into their highest potential through the power of breathwork, meditation and positive mindset shifts. I love helping people discover the deeper truths of who they are so they can create a quick access point to their heart which allows them to give more love to themselves and others. Therefore creating more joy and harmony in their lives.